What do we offer to our learners?

Dedicated Personal Trainer

Everyday 30 Mins of one to one practice with our experienced trainers to enhance your fluency and make you speak confidently at any situation.

Learn at your time and place of comfort

We understand your schedule and hence feel free to choose any time slot between 6 am-3am.

Zero Theory, All Practical

We learnt to speak Hindi, without knowing its rules initially, same way, our trainers will take you through a journey which will help you learn english by training your mind to think in english.

Personality Development / Role Plays

For all the candidates, we offer a personality development segment by in which we do various role plays. We put you in some realistic situations and train you to react confidently and smartly.

Practice makes a man Perfect

NO - Right Practices makes a Man Perfect

If learning grammar was sufficient, a small book could have made anyone speak any language. But the situation is not that simple.

A new learner usually thinks in Hindi, Translates in english with grammar rules and then speak.

Unless you stop translating Hindi to english and then speak, fluency will remain a matter of concern. With right practice, we make our learner think in english and hence speak more proficiently in english.

Right Practices

Practice 30 Mins daily with a dedicated trainer, Training your mind in a way that you start thinking in english and speak fluently.

Eco system

We provide an environment where you can speak freely, because the more you speak, a better speaker you become.

First Three Classes are free!

We understand that it seems strange to learn on a phone call, but to make your doubts clear, we provide three demo classes to every learner so that they can understand our process and hence pay for the full course.

Our Current enrollment ratio is 92%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the mode of Class?

These classes will be conducted over a phone call. Our Trainer will call you on the pre decided time slot. You can attend the class from any location provided you are in a good signal zone.

What is the Course Structure and Duration?

The course is purely customized based on individual needs and requirements. First class will be an analysis class, which will involve a lot of discussion about your needs and requirements, after that from second day we will start focusing on your week points. We understand, everyone has diffrent level of knowlegde and hence couse structure will be fully customised for every learner. As far as duration is concerned, we have a set of 20 Classes which will shift the learner one stage up from his exsisting level. Duration usually depends upon learner's grasping power and consistency. .

What are the Prerequisites to join this course?

A zeal to learn. Thats It!

Where will I practice during/after the course?

Pracrise is the Key! Without Practise No One can learn to speak a new language. Hence after the completion of course, we will provide a lot of avenues for the learner to practise and improve his skills.

What If I dont find the course helpful?

We offer three trail classes to every learner to make him understand our methedology and course structure. Our current conversion ratio after trails is 92% which itself tells about the effectiveness. Although even if you feel something uncomfortable in the middle of the course, please write us at support@fumblefocus.com and trust we will do the best possible thing.

Please explain the fee Structure?

Please click here and fill this small form, we will get back to you!

Enrollment rate
Repeat enrollment
Personal Mentorship

The kind of suggesions given by Anjali Mam are really helpful. I have attended around 25 classes and my friends can easily observe the diffrence. I strongly recommend Fumble Focus.

Parbat Sindal

Junagadh, Gujarat

I have gained confidence in speaking english after speaking to Rishi Sir for so many days. My hesitation has gone now. I feel more confident while speaking, I have a lot to improve and I will rejoin Fumble Focus after my exams.

Madhav Sharma


Classes by Fumble Focus are good for practicing english. They dont allow to speak Hindi on phone and also correct all the mistakes at that time only. I enjoy the GD workshop taken by Rishi Sir. After the completion of course, I have a lot of people to practise with. I strongly recomend Fumble Focus to every college student.

Nisha Sachdeva

Indore, MP

I got to know about Fumble Focus from a friend, from the first day, they make everyone practise for 1 hour a day. And the suggestion they give are really helpful. I have improved by verbal skills and I recomend Fumble Focus for language improvement course.

Devendra Yadav

Lucknow, UP

In the three Trail classes, they taught me what I already knew, still I took the chance and enrolled for the course. But the moment we practised more and more, the improvement was visible. The way Anjali Mam taught to read newspaper made me realize the proviciency of trainers. I am still an enrolled learner and this is my third renueal. No Doubt the platform is effective

Rajan Malik


"Blindly Do what I tell". This is what I was told by the trainer on the day one. I gave it a try and results were not visible for initial few days. But after 4-5 classes, when they made me go for a Group Discussion, I performed way better. It is a good intitute to join for learning and pracicing english, trainers are helpful and topic of discussions are very intresting. Thank You fumble focus.

Deepti Mishra

Kanpur, UP