English is not just a Language, Its a Skill !

One fine day, a hardcore technical company visited an engineering campus for recruitment. A candidate was sitting on an interview table, solving all the problems asked, giving answers to all the questions asked and continuously impressing the panel with his deep knowledge related to the subject. The interview went well, the candidate was happy, confident, thankful and satisfied with his performance.

But when the results were out, his name was MISSING. Discussing this further with the HR, he got to know - The reason for this rejection was one skill which he was weak at. ENGLISH !!

English is not just a language, it is a skill which sets you apart from the mass. Every industry, every sector - Communication and that too in English makes you class apart.

Fumble Focus is a dedicated team of Certified English Trainers, who have a rich experience of teaching verbal communication. We design a customized course for every student based on his existing skill set, the pace of learning and time devotion. Classes are held One-to-One so as to give 100% attention and more time for the learner to speak and practise. Not only class, we provide numerous methods which can be adopted in daily life to fasten the process of language adaptation.

30 days at Fumble Focus, and we guarantee to make you meet a better YOU. .

First Three Classes are free!

We understand that it seems strange to learn on a phone call, but to make your doubts clear, we provide three demo classes to every learner so that they can understand our process and hence pay for the full course.

Our Current enrollment ratio is 92%.

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